SETX based running company bringing ‘Shannon’s Run’ to Orange May 14

Pictured left to right, Race Director Mike Moss, CEO William Fermo and Marketing Director Jeremy Fermo. Photo by Tim Cohrs.

3 Bros Running Company will host ‘Shannon’s Run’ 5k/10k May 14 in Orange.

The race will be held to honor Shannon Larson, who currently has brain cancer.

“(The race) all begins with Shannon Larson, our friend who’s 49-years-old and has brain cancer and he was really into rock music,” Mike Moss, 3 Bros Running Company Race Director, said. “And brain cancer is taking that away from him, so another way to honor him is the race.

“The race is going to incorporate (rock music) with a music-themed shirt and the metals are going to be rock inspired. He’s really big on music and we want to bring that out.”

Despite 3 Bros Running Company not being a nonprofit, a portion of the proceeds of the race will benefit the National Brain Tumor Society with an option to make an additional donation to National Brain Tumor Society on the 3 Bros Running Company website.

“We are a for profit company,” Jeremy Fermo said. “We’re not a nonprofit, but we’re going to give a portion of every race entry to the chosen charity, which is National Brain Tumor Society and then we already had a donation link where 100 percent of that will go to the charity as well. So far we raised close to $700 on there. Even though we are a for profit, we are still doing a lot of good—promoting the race, promoting the education because that’s what Shannon told us to do.”

3 Bros, established on January 21, 2022 in SETX, wants to not only grow their business, but also support the community and economy in Orange.

“We’re about bringing big city race experiences to smaller cities across Texas,” 3 Bros running company CEO William Fermo said. “ The way we want to do that is not only bringing people to do our race, but we want them to do everything in the city afterwards.

We’re heavily promoting local businesses. We’re trying to work with local businesses in Orange to partner with us to make (the race) kind of like a “runcation.” A lot of people will go to bigger destination races like the Las Vegas half marathon and they do go to run, but they go there to do other stuff.”

3 Bros Running Company Marketing Director, Jeremy Fermo said the company is all about telling stories about the communities they host their races in and also building a personal connection with their social media following.

“We’re very focused on telling a story and when you tell a story, I think that’s what makes people want to follow,” Fermo said. “We’re doing that through social media and we want to tell the story of Orange and show the businesses, showcase the restaurants, tourist attractions, so they’re interested in coming to Orange and running our race. We’re also telling the story of our business.

If you look at our YouTube channel, we started from day one and how to start a running company, so that’s another story we are telling. It’s all about the story right now, and with that it’s going to bring people to run a race and fall in love with us, the city and running the course.”

William Fermo said that even though Orange is a small community, there is a lot of things that Orange has that makes it special which is why he decided to hold the race in the town.

“I feel like (Orange) is kind of a hidden gem,” he said. “There’s a lot you can do there in Orange. That’s why we were very particular about the city. We chose it because we want stuff for people to do afterwards.  You have a great museum that’s free. You have a great botanical garden that’s free. You have a lot of great restaurants that people not from the area wouldn’t know about and you have a very historical district like downtown and I want to highlight that kind of stuff. “

Moss and William and Jeremy Fermo said as a result of them highlighting the city on their social media channels, they have received a lot of interest in both the race, and the city that is hosting it.

“You know Beaumont probably has a bigger budget, but I see the potential in Orange and especially since it’s like the border of Louisiana and Texas,” William Fermo said. “We’re already kind of getting interest from people. Most of our people are actually coming from Houston and Beaumont to Orange.”

Jeremy Fermo said 3 Bros has even received engagement from people who are not from SETX.

“We had a message from someone from Austin and they’re like, ‘I love that you’re going to Orange. I miss it. And I have seen your videos—you’re visiting the restaurants, visiting museums, visiting Shangri La, I want to go back and it makes me miss Orange more.’ ,” Jeremy Fermo said. “We’re a racing company, but we are also almost a marketing company in a way because we are promoting Orange and the restaurants and the businesses and that’s what we want to do. We want to promote everything (to) grow not only our business, but grow everybody else with us.”

The reason 3 Bros is holding the race in May is not only because it is Brain Cancer Awareness Month, but because they wanted to put on the race quickly as Shannon does not have much time left to live and they want him present at the race.

“The reason the race is in May, is that May is the Brain Cancer Awareness Month,” Jeremy Fermo said. “It’s really important to us to have our race in May and I think that’s important to Shannon.

We want to give him hope for the race. He needs hope, because right now the doctor said ‘there’s nothing more we can do for you.’”

3 Bros said before the company’s founding, they still ran as a group. While Jeremy and William Fermo are brothers by blood, Mike Moss is not, but they are united as a family through their love of running.

William and Jeremy were co-owners of the Golden Triangle Strutters and were asked multiple times about starting a running company in SETX, and one day the brothers approached Mike and they started building the company and planning the race.

“Me and Willie (William) actually started the Golden Triangle Strutters, a local running group in Beaumont, Texas,” Jeremy Fermo said. “It’s basically the only running group in Southeast Texas that runs weekly, we’ve been doing that for the last 10 years.  The largest group we’ve had is over 100 people, but COVID-19 killed off the group, like many things.”

While the trio wanted to start the company in October, William said the process of starting a business was unexpectedly long. However, they are grateful for the engagement they fostered in a short amount of time.

3 Bros said they want Shannon’s Run to be successful so they can provide quality race experiences in the future in towns such as Nederland and Port Arthur and also have Shannon’s Run be an annual event they host.

For more information about Shannon’s Run, visit

Shannon Larson and his family. Courtesy photo.

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